18 March 2010

Health Care Bill? What Health Care Bill? (UPDATED)

My wife usually turns on the TV in the morning to catch the news and traffic on our local CBS affiliate. Which means inevitably we have to suffer through that insipid national morning show on CBS (last week they televised a host getting his colonoscopy...). And what do you think was top of the national news this morning? The health care bill? The Slaughter Rule? Obama's awful interview on FoxNews? Missing CBO scores?


Item Numero Uno was... There may be a witness to that Prius in California that got it's accelerator stuck. Number Two? A YouTube video of a truck in the UK pushing a car sideways. Three? Four? Five? Nope. The Health Care takeover was not mentioned at all. Even the CBS Evening News teaser said nothing about it. (I had to leave for the office after that.)

Now before we go about making nefarious conspiratorial inferences here, let's be clear - there isn't one. What there is here is a shared sense of purpose in The Left / Mainstream Media. They want this thing passed, as they know it starts the ball rolling toward their romantic Candy Land of government-run, single-payer health care. And they also know that the more this pile of offal Obama/Pelosi/Reid have cooked up is discussed, the more the American People don't want it. So The Left / Mainstream Media shuts up about it, especially as we get to the climax their grand passion play. No sense riling up us rubes any more than they have to.

Watch that change now that the CBO has, through much smoke and many mirrors, put up their 'score' this morning, indicating that having the government take away your health care freedoms will save the government a teensy bit of money. Well, teensy considering the trillions Obama and friends have already added to our debt in just the last year. Note that it doesn't say a damn thing about saving you money. It saves the government money. We all need to be clear who the beneficiary of this "reform" is supposed to be. If you work for a living in the private sector, it ain't you.

UPDATE: Did the CBO really finish 'scoring' the new ObanaCare bill? NRO says maybe not.

UPDATE: Oops. The CBO numbers Team Hopenchange are touting are preliminary, not final. Here is the actual report and letter to Pelosi.


The Grey Man said...

(imagine Iniego Montoya's voice)

Let me sum up. They still don't have the votes to NOT vote on a bill that hasn't been finalized after a year the most corrupt shenanigans imaginable.

They will kill your father. Prepare to die.

Anonymous said...

I saw Obama's interview with Fox News. Dare say it may well be his last one as well! The interviewer made Obama look like a fool if you ask me. All he could do was stumble and fumble around and give empty answers to the questions put to him.