09 March 2010

The 'Religion Of Peace' Tries A Little Inter-Faith Dialogue.

And 500 Christians are dead. A number of them Anglicans.

Which makes this upcoming Episcopal Church (tm) bulletin insert seem rather ironic, in that elitist, head-in-the-sand kind of way that The Episcopal Church (tm) is known for nowadays.

UPDATE: The Episcopal Church (tm) reports the massacres, but tries to ignore the Muslim connection. Calls the attackers "gangs", and says only "some reports" cite religious motivation. Only uses the word 'Muslim' once, and not in connection with the "gangs". Not exactly what the Anglican diocese website on the scene has to say (see 'Anglican' link, above). It appears The Episcopal Church (tm) is more concerned about not offending Muslim sensibilities than standing up for their brother and sister Christians and Anglicans. Now, if those poor Nigerian souls had been gay and in Uganda...

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