02 March 2010

A Little Bias With Your Coffee? (UPDATED)

Like this is a surprise: It didn't take The New York Times long to do a puff-piece on the latest pro-Obama weedroots organization, the "Coffee Party". Hot Air has more.

Via Instapundit, here's a teensy-weensy fact The New York Times - Oops! - omitted: The only work in the private sector the founder of the "Coffee Party" has ever done is... strategy analyst for The New York Times:

Strategy Analyst
The New York Times
(Public Company; Newspapers industry)

April 1999 — September 2000 (1 year 6 months)

(Watch that disappear fast. -ed.) (UPDATE: It did. See below.)

As a Tea Partier, am I worried about this? Not really. I find it amusing, and rather ironic. It says volumes about how much The Left / Mainstream Media just don't get it - the majority of this nation may have bought what Obama and the Deomcrats were selling in 2008 (tax cuts, deficit reductions, ethics, fiscal repsonsability), but they don't like what they're selling now (socialized medicine, carbon taxes, record deficits, politics-as-usual, government takeover of private enterprises).

The "Coffee Party" is a reactionary stunt that will fizzle away after a few months. Why? Because the "Middle" in this country, which the "Coffee Party" purports to represent, doesn't want to be forced into government-run health care. The Middle in this country doesn't want to pay for the career rich and the career poor anymore. The Middle in this country doesn't want government regulating our lives for our own good.

This is what the "Coffee Party" will never understand: The majority of this country doesn't want the government to merely slow down a bit. The majority of this country wants the government to stop. Stop taxing us to death. Stop spending money they don't have. Stop trying to legislate and regulate everything. Stop treating us, the Citizens of this nation, like children. How many cups of coffee does it take to understand that?

UPDATE: Well that didn't take long. Annabel Park's Linkedin post - the one showing she worked at The New York Times, the paper who gave her such a glowing article - has gone down the memory hole. Anticipated that, so I saved a copy on my work computer. Will post tomorrow.

UPDATE: "Meet Me In The Middle" my arse:
The 40-year-old Park is leading an Obama promotional section on video-sharing site YouTube (www.youtube.com/unitedforobama) with around 10 other volunteers.
UPDATE: "Weedroots". Did this here RSR blog just coin us a new word? Maybe... My post is quite a few hours before his, and I thought it was pretty original.

UPDATE 03MAR10: As promised, here is the screenshot of Ms. Park's Linkedin page that suddenly didn't exist yesterday:

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