25 March 2010

Coffin Up Half-Truths. (UPDATED)

How desperate are The Left / Mainstream Media to discredit the opposition to Team Hopenchange and ObamaCare? Desperate enough to lie and smear as much as possible. Let's look at the "coffin" incident that has made the rounds. According the Politico :
A coffin was placed on a Missouri Democrat’s lawn, another in a string of incidents against lawmakers after their vote Sunday on a health care overhaul.

Rep. Russ Carnahan (D-Mo.) had a coffin placed “near his home,” a spokesman said Wednesday evening.

The coffin was from a prayer vigil.
The implication they wanted to leave you with was that a coffin was left anonymously by a religious group as a death threat against the Senator because of his ObamaCare vote.

Well, here is the part they didn't tell you.

Read it all. Notice that, technically, what Politico reported was true - the coffin was "placed" near Carnahan's home during a prayer vigil. But by leaving out the several teensy-weensy facts - like the coffin was a prop in a protest over abortion and ObamaCare, it was removed by the protesters once the protest was over, there was NO insinuation that the casket was "for" the Senator, the group there was open about their protest and it was even reported on the local news - it appears Politico purposely tried to spin the story into one that fit current The Left / Mainstream Media narrative - ObamaCare opponents and Tea Partiers are not legitimate opposition, but rather violent domestic terrorists.

It is this kind of willful manipulation of the news that leads folks to not trust Big Media. Its what one expects of Soviet-era Pravda, not a free press. It shows desperation on the part of those who support the Team Hopenchange agenda, especially given how it easy in this age of the Internet to debunk a story and get out a counter-story.

It also shows how spineless our ruling elite has become. The Democrats have been demanding Republicans denounce "violence" in opposing ObamaCare. Which they should, and they have. Will Democrats now denounce "distortions" about those of us who oppose ObamaCare? I ain't holding my breath. The more the Democrats keep dismissing and attempting to marginalize the angry Republicans and Independents who oppose the Team Hopenchange agenda, the longer the anger will remain, and the greater chance of it boiling over.

UPDATE: Oops! Gatewaypundit reports that Politico does a little revise and extend on its remarks, so does the uber-paranoid Democratic Underground. How bad is it when even DU admits error?

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