03 August 2010

Profiles In LEEDership.

How did I miss this? California's 'Zero Energy House' uses... more energy!

I have to deal with 'green' - the new buzzword in my profession - every day, and with the idiocy that is the uber-bureaucratic LEED process. There are some good, common sense design concepts in all of this, but they are being subordinated to the moralistic political goals that are the driving force behind the 'green' movement. Going 'green' is nothing more than a marketing sop to the feel-good / I'm-doing-something set, and LEED an opportunity for non-productive busybodies to gain more of what they crave - the power to tell us how to live our lives, and force us to make the choices they want us to make. Think of LEED as a government-endorsed 'Moral Majority' of the Left.

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