03 August 2010

Compare and Contrast. (UPDATED)

Team Hopenchange, Spring 2009: We have a cunning plan to spend almost a trillion dollars to "stimulate" the economy right away with "shovel ready" projects - or else unemployment could reach... 9 percent!! Give us the money now, and by the summer of 2010 we'll get unemployment well below 7 percent. It must be true - our spiffy graphic proves it:

Team Hopenchange, Summer 2010: Um, graphic? What graphic?
Well, this graphic, actually:

Remember, dear readers - unless you do something about it - now, in November, and in 2012 - these same cunning government planners will be determining your health care future.

UPDATE: Some of Obama's "shovel ready" projects. To us mere proles, $71,000 isn't a "small" amount of money. If you really need your blood pressure elevated, here is the full report.

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