03 August 2010

Insider Trading.

Newsweek magazine, another failing Lefty squawk-box, was sold for one dollar (yes, $1.00 - if you subscribe to the labor theory of value, it's a fair price -ed.) to one of those "rich" industrialist, corporate magnates the Democrats love to hate. Except, this one is married to a Lefty Democrat Congresswoman who represents much of Los Angeles.

Media - Political Complex, indeed.


Matthew said...

Not to be nosy, but when was the last Time you read Newsweek? I haven't even glanced at it for several years. Thirty years ago I read Newsweek, Time and US News & World Report almost weekly. These days I never go near them. Which is the magazines' problem. Their readership is in terminal decline.

If Mr. Harman wants to throw his money down a rat hole, then more power to him. That's less money he'll have for his wife's campaigns and less money for her fellow travelers.

.....CLIFFORD said...

I haven't read Newsweek, except for those times in the dentist office when I can't get 3G, in more than two decades. It quit being a news magazine and became an agenda rag of the Washington-Manhattan axis, telling people how to think. I know how to do that, thank you.

And yes, it will be a money pit. If his nice gentleman likes putting his money in antiques, I have stock in a failing buggy-whip company he may be be interested in...

The Grey Man said...

So the entire magazine's worth, counting physical facilities, subscriptions, employee contracts, and trust built over decades, is worth LESS than the cover price for ONE copy of the magazine.