02 February 2011

The A/C Rule.

In a truly just world, the 'A' students end up working for the 'C' students. Why is that just? Because when the 'A' students get to call the shots, they use their smarts to promise us this:

Look at FY 09, 10, and 11. Our bureaucrat boffins said we'd have a deficit of less than $900 billion in 2011 and it would be trending in the right direction. But instead, what we actually gets, this:

Another trillion-plus deficit in 2011.

Remember, just two years ago the flower of academia, the geniuses who were too smart to work in mere enterprise like the rest of us, promised us managed happiness and prosperity forevermore. They had come to save us from, well, us. The oceans would now slow their rise, the Earth would heal, and the world would love us again now that the C-students - those selfish, rich, evil, warlike, incompetent, clinging to guns and faith Republicans - were put in their rightful, subservient, place. Our intellectual betters promised they, and they alone, could control what we mere mortals could not. With their able hands now on the tiller of the economy, unemployment would peak at 8.6% if we only gave them a one-time $735 billion to - shovel at the ready - restart the economy. Remember that?

Well, we gave them the scratch. Unemployment rose past 10% and has remained above 9% ever since. It's nowhere near the 6.8% their genius-inspired graph promised by this time.

Could the 'C' students have done any better? That isn't the correct question. The correct question is, "could they have done any worse"? And the answer is, "no". But we're stuck with the 'A' students at the helm for another two years, until we can send them and their 19th Century Marxist outlook packing back to academia and whatever non-profits they came from. We do have the 'C' students running the House again, so the damage the 'A' students can do in the next 24 months will be limited. But the 'C' students need to be careful - the 'A' students are dumb, but they are not stupid. As Instapundit is fond of saying: "Good job, kid. Don't get cocky." 2012 is ours to lose.

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