07 February 2011

Dial Nine-Wuss-Wuss...

...If you think this incident rises to the level of criminal charges.

For the record, at my office we encourage Nerf guns. If you don't have one we'll gladly supply you with one, and all the the rubber tipped Nerf darts - the ones that whistle when they fly - you want. Call it an office perk. We work in a very high-stress field, and a ten-minute Nerf war every now and again, especially as project deadlines approach, lets folks blow off steam, relax, and have fun at the same time. Beats the alternative, where they come in with a real gun.

As the boss, I really should have one of these.

Hattip: My buddy Shelby at Murdoc Online.


BillB said...

Ah, the wonderful world of "zero-tolerance" otherwise known as "I can wash my hands of this" school discipline. This is only one level less stupid than the incident where a grade-schooler was suspended for drawing a picture of a relative that is/was in the military and carrying a gun.

With respect to school administrations, the only thing I truly have zero-tolerance of is the administrators who hide behind "zero-tolerance" policies. They have no brains and should not be in the career they are in (maybe a job flipping burgers at a fast food restraunt would more suit their level of responsiblity taking).

Charlie Sutton said...

If the kid had simply been disciplined for disturbing class order, the situation would have been dealt with sanely, and he would likely have not brought things to class that would not be a disruption. It could have been as simple as "We don't bring toys to school. I'll take that, and give it back at the end of the day."

But as it is, he has learned that the schools are idiotic and dangerous. He will not trust the authorities - including, perhaps, that he should not trust them when they try to teach anything.

Education is not indoctrination - and when you try to indoctrinate instead, you cause brains to put up shields for any input.

The Grey Man said...

If you get your dream weapon, would you have to hire an A gunner? Would you use it mounted or remove the tripod? If using the tripod, I don't recommend mounting it on your desk (poor field of fire, targets moving across the field of fire instead of coming down it.) You need a better position to channel target to you.

PS - On a bad day at the office, console yourself with all you are doing to help the economy and our president. Each bit of restraint you show then can now be counted as a job "saved" since you didn't fire anyone at that moment. I'm sure you personally have "saved" someone's job hundreds of times. You truly are the "architect of Recovery"!!