15 February 2011

Be More... Groveling.

PBS kisses up to Obama (pbuh) for putting almost half a billion dollars in his budget to keep them afloat.

At a time when we are going broke, why are we shelling out $451 million so a few well-off, Lefty urbanites can feel good about themselves? Forty years ago when we had only three TV networks, PBS made sense. In a world of hundreds of channels, is doesn't. PBS/NPR should be sold off and privatized.

Remember when PBS asked, "If PBS doesn't do it, who will?" Well, try:

The Discovery Channel
Fox News
History Channel
The Food Network
Science Channel
BBC America

These channels on a bad day have audiences exponentially larger than PBS on a good one, and they don't cost the taxpayer a dime.

UPDATE 16FEB2011: To "Lady Liberty", the Paul-bot who deleted her earlier comment here about Ron Paul being the only Republican nominee who can beat Obama, (What does that have to do with PBS funding...? -ed.) let me make two points:

First and foremost, Ron Paul is not, I repeat not, a Republican. Ron Paul is an opportunist. He only became a Republican when nobody gave him the time of day as a Libertarian.

Second, unlike almost all of the GOP propsects, Ron Paul has run for President - again, and again, and again - and has failed - again, and again, and again. Paul has not once registered anything more than an "other" asterisk nationally. So he can beat Obama exactly... how?

If you want to waste your time with Campaign for Losers, go right ahead. The rest of us want to change this nation, and the world. See 'ya!

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