24 February 2011

I Think, Therefore...

...I can be regulated by the Federal Government.

If this ruling and this twisted logic stand, dear readers, we are no longer free citizens of a free nation, free to choose or, more importantly, not to choose. The 'Commerce Clause' now trumps the Bill of Rights, meaning there are no limits to government's intrusion into our lives. No matter how small or personal, no decision we make will be outside of the bounds of government involvement and bureaucratic control. We will live a limited life, decided for us by an unlimited government.

Is that really how our generation wants to define freedom?

Just like the only way to impose fiscal sanity on Congress is with a Balanced Budget Amendment, we need a Commerce and General Welfare Amendment to restore the Commerce Clause to it's rightful place in the grand Constitutional scheme, eliminating it's utility in expanding government power.

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