14 February 2011

Is This The Hope, Or The Change?

Under Obama's budget for 2011, federal debt jumps to 102.6 percent of GDP.

The last time that happened we were in a World War. Yes, yes, I know; we're in one again. But Obama doesn't think the enemy really exists, and the treasure he's expending today has little to with winning that war. His ignorance, inexperience, and arrogance are only making it easier for our enemy to bring us to defeat.

UPDATE: Maybe that's the point, considering how differential he is to any Islamic leader he meets. See? See? Americans don't want to harm you! We're not a threat! See?... Or, since he never had to really, y'know, earn any of it in the actions-have-consequences world (private sector), maybe Barry really does think money grows on trees. I mean, it is made of paper...

UPDATE: A bar graph is always helpful:

We owe $60trillion???? The leaders of the current generation have rewritten 'Wall Street' as 'K Street', and repackaged Gordon Gekko for their own purposes: "Greed", when it is redefined as "Entitlement", is now "good". The current Ruling Class are gleefully saddling future generations with the obligation of paying off what they are spending today to pretend the unworkable - the welfare state - works.

Those who have no say in the matter - future Americans - will be enslaved to an obligation to repay that they neither created, nor from which they derived any benefit. Those who are renting the American house today believe they have the right to one helluva national kegger, and don't give a continental damn they're sticking the next occupants with the bill for the beer and the damages.

What is happening right now, with every ticking second, is generational theft. And to your humble blogger's eyes, nothing short of criminal. We need to put a stop to this fiscal insanity. Now. Do not raise the debt ceiling! Pass a Balanced Budget Amendment!

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Tregonsee said...

It is truly amazing to see America behaving like a banana republic, and our "betters" telling us that it is racist to realize this. Maybe Rush is right. We need to "Go Egypt" on this administration.