11 February 2011

A Suggestion In Stupid.

I've been watching politics for a good part of my life, and I have heard some really stupid ideas tossed out there. But this one takes the cake. According to today's Daily Report, a former East Baton Rouge School Board member wants to abolish the School Board and let school bureaucrats run the place all by themselves.

Say what you want about the School Board - and I have said more than my share - but it is accountable to the people. The bureaucrats on Foster Drive are not. As the last election proved, the people can fire a Board members if they piss us off. We cannot fire a protected civil servant at the public trough.

And maybe that is the point. This new Board seems more than willing to ask questions about the bureaucrat's operations, not leave them alone and limit itself to policy matters only. It makes the bureaucrats and their friends uncomfortable; and I think that is as it should be. Somebody needs to hold them accountable. Like the School Board, school bureaucrats should always remember who they work for.

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