17 February 2011

The Tea Party Is Dead!...

...Long Live the Whiskey Party! :
Forget the Tea Party. What we need is a Whiskey Party. It’s going to take a stiff drink and stiffer spine to tackle our nation’s budget crisis. So far, we have few volunteers.

Considering the tin-ears of the Democrats and the political waffling from some the new GOP Congresscritters, I think it will take, ironically, a much stronger elixir than tea to get us fiscally sober.

Baton Rouge Whiskey Party is hereby formed!

Hattip: Instapunit.


Just Me said...

the sad thing is that what we need is an egyptian-style revolt; I'm afraid it's the only way to get anyone's attention

Kelso said...

NC regiment reports for duty and a dram, sir!