17 February 2011

The White House House Hires A Carney, And He's Pretty Funny.

White House press secretary Jay Carney says the Recovery Act added several million jobs and lowered the unemployment rate. According to Carney, the "goals" of the stimulus package "have been met."

UPDATE: Let's do some math. We'll give Carney's claim of several million new jobs added a value of 2.5 million. Knock off the undisputed 100,000 jobs added to the federal payroll since January 2009 (sorry, if it's not in the private sector it doesn't count as "added"), so that makes for a revised 2.4 million number.

Obama's "stimulus" cost you and me (and our kids, our grand kids, our great-grand kids, our great-great-grand kids and our great-great-great-grand kids) $787 billion. (We'll leave off future interest payments just to keep this simple. Besides, Obama doesn't think it counts.)

If we divide 2,400,000 into $787,000,000,000, we get...

$327,976.66. Each job Obama's "stimulus" added cost $327,976.66. EACH JOB. For that, I could add one licensed professional and two interns to my staff for two years. All college grads. With group health coverage.

Yep. We're "winning the future", alright. The future for these folks.

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mousestalker said...

So the spinmeisters over at Episcopal Membership Statistics have gone to work for Uncle Sam?