28 February 2011

TSA MiniTrue.

Paging George Orwell...

The Transportation Safety (ha!) Administration, the people who added 'gate rape' to the national conversation, is apparently spending taxpayer dollars - that is, your money - monitoring social media for criticisms of it's policies and behavior. And getting into Internet pissing contests with those critics. Really.

TSA has long believed the Bill of Rights somehow doesn't exist when it comes to their mission, and this seems to be yet another example of that. TSA approaches us not as free Citizens to be respected, but as threats to be controlled - whether we are at the airport or, now, sitting in front of our computer. The TSA is a national embarrassment, and should be utterly disbanded.

1MAR2011: A followup. This, I think, gets to the heart of the matter:
However, I am deeply concerned by what the response reveled - that the TSA is monitoring social media and engaging in propaganda to promote policy. This is, of course, being done at taxpayer expense and has nothing to do with the purpose of the TSA, which is to protect air transport from terrorist attacks and other dangers.

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