25 February 2011

Interfaith Irony.

Bryan Preston at Pajamas Media notices my (soon to be former) denomination living into a bit of Islam: The Episcopal Church Wages Jihad against Eight Virginia Churches. It's good to see someone outside of Anglican circles finally talking about this, and also good to see the petty sale of Matt Kennedy's church in New York to a Muslim group get some attention. That one incident was pretty much the straw that broke the camel's back for me with respect to the true agenda of The Episcopal Church (tm), and the twaddle they spout about suing dissenting fellow Christians to "protect and preserve our heritage for future generations".

I've been watching this slow train wreck since 2003, and its clear The Episcopal Church (tm) couldn't give a shit about future generations of Episcopalians. They support killing off future generations when producing that generation gets in the way of the lifestyle of the present generation. Nor do they really care about all those who have left in the last 30 years, because the current leadership of The Episcopal Church (tm) apparently sees buildings and property - and their potential resale value - as being "the church". The people in the churches, the same people who paid for those same buildings and property, don't matter. In their loving and tolerant way they're happy to see us go. Were it otherwise, The Episcopal Church (tm) would be focused more on keeping real people and not on keeping real property. Let's be honest - this jihad is all about the money.


TLF+ said...

Be sure you write a letter to your bishop, rector and vestry when you go, explaining courteously the reasons. I would be glad to blog it (although you are certainly in position to do so as an open letter on your blog - just be sure the relevant people get a hard copy in the mail!)

Have you been led to a new church home yet, or will you be floating a bit? Prayers with you either way, and I hope you will keep up the blogging.

.....CLIFFORD said...

Those at the rails of the Titanic didn't stop to inform the bursar or captain why they were looking for a lifeboat. It was presumed the condition so obvious, there was no need for an explanation.

Kelso said...

I left the church in the 1970s when the BCP was replaced with that the 1979 Holy Roller Guidebook to Hugging, Dancing, and Whooping in the Service. I still miss what WAS the church of beauty - but it doesn't exist anymore.

I predict before the Presiding Oceanographer's reign is over, Episcopalians will be saying to one another:

"I shore hope I git a raght nice snake to handle at preachin' today!"

SometimesWise said...

Then of course you could observe the Episcopal "Diocese" of Pittsburgh's version of "ALL YOUR PARISH ARE BELONG TO US"....