05 February 2011

Happy Birthday, Mr. President.

Tomorrow is Ronald Reagan's 100th birthday. Fred Thompson has a tribute:

In the 1970's, Reagan said America was still a great country when others - like then President Carter - were saying America's time has passed. Reagan gave hope to a hopeful nation. As we seem to be reliving the 1970's, we need to find another Reagan. Now.

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joetote said...

As disgusted I am with the media in general, this is indeed an all time low for these elitist morons. To have the audacity to insult the memory of one of the greatest Americans is bad enough. To compare this Marxist/Socialist/Anti-American ideals President with a man who loved his country, her ideals and it's people with all his heart is a crime. Words like blasphemy come to mind, but I'm not exactly sure what word truly describes what I'm feeling at this moment.

As, in my view this man is overtly doing his best to dismantle everything President Reagan stood for and deliver our country to his Marxist handlers, I am indeed baffled as to how anyone could make a more asinine comparison than this. Very sad!

The difference between President Reagan and President Obama?

Listen to A Time for Choosing which is posted on the” Reaganite Republican “ site. It doesn't come any better than with this example as compared to the 62 minute B.S. session of a few nights ago.

Heartfelt truth and candor compared to lies, deceit, ineptness and basically Bull S...!

Yes, it launched his career, but who could have even remotely imagine the immense GREATNESS that enveloped this man? As I said in a post yesterday, comparing the (for want of better words) "current resident" of the White House to one of the greatest Presidents and Americans of our time is a crime!