23 February 2011

A Scout Is Trustworthy, Right?

The Boy Scouts of America is selling this mini-keychain LED light, which looks an awful lot like one designed by my friend Doug Ritter and sold by Essential Gear.

Does it rip-off Doug? You decide.

Right now I'm willing to give the BSA product folks the benefit of doubt, that they didn't know about Doug's original when they bought the Chinese knockoff. I have faith the BSA will live up to the Scout Oath and Law and do the right thing now that they know about the conflict. Don't disappoint an old Eagle Scout, guys.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

At 23% of the price of your fiernd's product ($2.99 vs $12.99 (blister pack)), I can understand why they are producing a similar product. The Pico-lite is nice but expensive in comparison to the one the BSA is offering. Does the BSA even claim it as an alternative to the Pico-Lite? I didn't see that. Does your friend have a patent on the item or even a design-patent on it?

Sorry to be irritating but you appear to be creating a tempest-in-a-teapot. Free enterprise, capatalism etc. are called down upon you. Yes the BSA is in part a business.